Labor Day has arrived.  It’s the conclusion of the summer season as most kids have headed back to school, summer vacations have been taken, and work projects are in full swing.

But for today, it’s a time to be with family and friends to celebrate this last summer holiday.  Most folks will cook a festive meal on the backyard grill, weather permitting, grilling everything from burgers to ribs. I decided to do ribs this year and I cooked them on Sunday so I could “play” on Labor Day.

I started the night before applying a rub, of sorts.  It was a combination of paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, brown sugar, kosher salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, white pepper, and one secret ingredient which shall remain secret.  The measurements were quite varied as I really just liberally sprinkled here and there.  Then, into the refrigerator the ribs went to stay the night, covered in their blanket of foil.

Around noon, I pulled them out and put them into a preheated 250 degree oven. There they stayed until about 6 p.m., still wrapped in their blanket of foil. Once their baking time was over, it was on to the last step – to thwebergrille Weber grill for about ten minutes where I slathered them a few times with that delightful barbecue sauce I made the other day.  Heavenly, I say, they were just heavenly!  Probably the best ribs I’ve made to date!

Obviously the key is to pre-bake them for many hours at a slow temperature.  And then to season them properly in whichever manner you prefer.  And then to douse them with sauce or not, as you prefer.  It’s seems to be a very personal choice, much like politics. And I fear the topic would get quite heated, again, much like politics.

Therefore, no recipe today.  Just a wish to everyone to have a delightful Labor Day holiday cooking whatever pleases you and having a great time!  In the end, that’s what its all about!

Bon appétit!