The title of this initial post on my “new” blog is difficult, at best. You see, I failed to submit my monthly payment for GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting so they deleted my site. In it’s entirety. Yes, imagine the rush of numbness that overwhelmed me upon hearing those words. Two years of posts, two years of recipes. Gone, gone girl!

Of course, GoDaddy can restore it for a $150 fee. Which I cannot pay as I’m unemployed at the moment, so I will start fresh with my site at an even much more reduced rate than what I was paying before. I had called them trying to get the rate reduced when the site was up and functional and I was paying on time but they said they could not do anything.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?  This new plan is much more affordable, even for the unemployed.

I hope this never, ever happens again!  But you can rest assured, I will give it my all and will post more frequently. You’ll be sick of me before long. With all that being said, it is my hope that I will encourage at least one of you to pull out the cookware and get creative in the kitchen.

That will make all my efforts worth it!


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