Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

Last Sunday I decided to make waffles, for some odd reason.  Call it a need for comfort food or perhaps I was bored with the usual breakfast of an egg, a piece of bacon and a piece of toast.  Whatever the reason, it was a great choice!

I just happened to have some waffle mix on hand, which I would not customarily have but bought it on a whim a few months back.  I saw the mix in my cupboard and decided that is what I would make for brunch (by that time, it WAS brunch).  I even had some whipped cream and a few frozen blueberries.  Alas, a wonderful waffle brunch was born.  You can’t beat that for planning, now can you?

I obviously made several waffles which are in the freezer for future Sunday brunches.  And why not?  It’ll be so nice to just take one out, heat it up, and slather with some maple syrup and fresh fruit and be done with it!

Sometimes it’s nice to cut those corners and just enjoy your meal!

Bon appétit!

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