Thanksgiving is Nearing

Thanksgiving is Nearing

Yep, it’ll be here before you know it. I’ve been looking at recipes and have printed all those I plan to make this year including a few I haven’t ever made ie Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler (recipe to follow), Crack Green Beans (recipe to follow), Mashed Potato Puffs (recipe to follow), Corn Casserole (recipe to follow), and a few of the usual suspects ie Cranberry Relish, and the ever elusive Cornbread Dressing. I say the ever elusive as it has taken me years and years to find and perfect a recipe for Cornbread Dressing that even came near to that which my Mother made every year. Of course, she had no written recipe so I have tried many since she left us in 2001 and the one I use now is so very close. It will never be exactly like hers but it is very near it.

Besides all those sides, my husband will be smoking the turkey in the smoker. We found an almost 14 pound Butterball Turkey at Ingles for $13. Seriously, they were all on sale. We picked it up last weekend. Of course, we will take it out of the freezer on Monday night, so it can thaw in the refrigerator. We’ll be cooking our Thanksgiving on Friday so it should be ready for the smoker that morning!

Be looking for lots of photos of our feast. Please share your own as well. It’s always such fun to see what everyone else is cooking up for the big holiday!

Bon appétit!

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