A few weeks back I purchased this one pound bag of pecan halves for $12, I believe. Just one pound. I have very fond memories of a huge box of pecan halves arriving at our home in Panama City every fall, just in time for holiday baking. I’d love when that brown UPS truck would pull up in the driveway, knowing our pecans were on board. It was a glorious sight!

Mom and I would portion our bounty into quart size freezer bags and pack the standup freezer in our utility room with bags and bags of pecans which would last throughout the year. I used them sparingly, even then, knowing that one delivery did have to last all year long.

I do the same now but the quantity I purchase is very much different than what my Mom purchased for us back in the day. For instance, a 24 pound box of shelled pecan halves today would set you back about $280. Five pounds? About $60. They are still a precious commodity. And with the recent rash of bad weather in south Georgia, they are even more precious this season as I think I recently read that nearly 30% of this year’s crop was destroyed by Hurricane.

Be that as it may, I will enjoy my one pound bag for as long as I can and every time I do, I will be reminded of my Mom and our fall ritual. Very fond memories, indeed.

If you are so inclined to purchase your pecan stash in bulk, visit this page for a listing of Georgia Pecan growers. Back then Mom would pre-order her supply through the mail before the crop was even picked! And once the pecans were ready, they would ship so they would be at their freshest. Now, most orchards have websites where you can place your order online and receive your pecans even quicker, when in season.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to begin this annual ritual for myself. Maybe . . .

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