About Me

About Me

I live in the Atlanta suburbs with my four (yes four) Greyhounds – Lady Sansa, Maisie, Scout and Norma Jean. We are always doing something exciting, it seems, so there should be something interesting to share with you on their own page aptly titled Greyhounds! I am a foodie at heart and always have been thus the focus of this blog will be all about food.  I remember as a child being in my mother’s kitchen baking some sweet and fattening concoction, and I’d narrate the recipe to, well, not to anyone in particular but it didn’t matter as I was having fun having my own cooking show in that little kitchen. No one ever heard me, I’m sure of it.  Funny though, I don’t even remember ever watching any cooking shows at that time as they were not nearly as popular or readily available as they are today.

Follow your heart, but be quite for a while first.  Ask questions, then feel the answer.  Learn to trust your heart. –

Growing up, it seemed I was always the one baking desserts and breads.  But as an adult, we all know you cannot live on sweets alone!  So I learned to cook main courses, sides, and everything in between.  I love trying recipes from other countries with Italian, Greek, and Mexican being my favorites.  My food style leans more toward Southern comfort food but not always as I do love to experiment.

I tend to make most items and dishes from scratch.  It truly makes a difference and I find doesn’t take that much time.  I often times make my own vanilla extract, butter, mayonnaise, pasta, fresh ground beef . . . oh, the list is endless.  I’ve even begun making my own bar soap!  Yes!  And I have an Etsy shop for that.  It’s called Soap Simply Made.  Check it out sometime!  Love my soap and don’t buy it in stores anymore!  It’s so easy to do yourself or buy handcrafted so why bother with a commercially made soap with an ingredient list a mile long!

Besides cooking, I love to garden and usually have my own vegetable garden.  I’m currently planning the garden for a Spring planting.  I’m sure I’ll be writing about that little adventure soon enough.  There is nothing more satisfying than to watch the garden grow and flourish and most of all, enjoy it’s bounty at harvest time!  Fresh vegetables from your own backyard are the best.  Yes, there is a noticeable difference which makes all that work so worthwhile!  I always make it a point to plant one thing that I’ve never planted before – just to see if I can get it to grow.  Oh, the challenges in life!

When I have time I love to kayak.  I usually head down to my hometown, Panama City, Florida, to kayak with my sister and brother in law.  We paddle around the bays, in the Gulf, and across to Crooked Island Sound.  We’ve paddled a few rivers, as well.  I even had quite the adventure when I traveled to Scotland in 2013 with a friend of mine to enjoy some kayaking around the Oban area.  What a fantastic time we had!  On the bucket list next – a kayak trip to Ireland!

Back to our focus – food! It’s all about the food! I hope you enjoy the journey as I plan to always provide a “culinary adventure” for anyone reading this blog!  As Julia Child would say bon appétit!

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