Besides cooking, my next love is my Greyhounds.  I was first introduced to Greyhounds back in 2003 when I was “shopping” for a dog to add to my two cat household – one Himalayan and one Ragdoll, both females.  I had a few friends bring over their pups of varying breeds, to try them out with Chelsea and Savannah just to see how they would react since neither had been around dogs their entire lives and, well, they were here first so I thought it only right that they get a choice in the matter.  Of course, they chose the Greyhound breed.  They seemed to just love them, walking under them, rubbing their bellies with their fluffy tails.  It was a done deal as far as I was concerned.

The next step was to actually find the right Greyhound.  That February of that year, I put in my application to adopt from a local group.  They failed to contact me, so after two months of waiting, I applied with another group. Someone from that group contacted me immediately offering a black female to me.  At the time, I was pretty afraid of black dogs for some reason so I declined.  I recontacted the original group who said my application had been lost somewhere along the way.  I applied again and then the wait began. In the interim, I volunteered with them in their adoption kennel.  It was a great opportunity to become more familiar with the breed and thus allow me to learn as well before I bought my own Greyhound home.

It was May (2003) when a group of pups came in from the Victoryland track.  In that group was a beautiful red fawn named Reminisee Blair (Remi).  I was in love!  I let the group know that I was interested in her and I was approved.  Within a week, she was in foster care with my neighbor until I returned from a planned out-of-town trip.

I have to say the first year with Remi was a bit rough as she developed separation anxiety (SA).  It was something I could never truly cure on my own but adopting my second Greyhound, PB’s Honey Fritz (Sugar) was pivotal to helping Remi overcome the SA.  And then there was a third, Yopon Laverne (Lucy), and a fourth Oakland Scarboro (Sami), and a fifth Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth), and a sixth Tito McBones (Tito).  No, silly, I don’t have six Greyhounds at the moment.  Unfortunately, Remi passed January of 2012.  She simply collapsed in my bedroom that night.  No warning no nothing.  I can only surmise it was a heart attack or massive stroke.  It was horrible – the first one to go and so unexpectedly.  Needless to say, I was devastated.

Sugar, unfortunately, was diagnosed with osteo on her front right leg in October of 2013.  We kept the pain and limping at bay for several months with a cocktail of meds but their effectiveness soon waned and Sugar began declining. I made the decision December 3, 2013 to end her suffering. Another horrible death and I was once again, devastated.

Lucy also died unexpectedly back in December of 2015 due to an accident in the backyard. I was devastated yet again. I am sure I will feel that way when each and every one passes from this earth!

You see, they are never here on earth long enough. I have often said if they lived to be 100 years old, it wouldn’t be enough. They are such docile, doting dogs and they have such a BIG presence in your life. So BIG, that once they are gone, it leaves a huge hole in your heart and in your life. Yes, it’s that noticeable!

Sami had what the vet thought was a spinal stroke. I had to put her to sleep on January 6, 2020. It is believed that Gwyneth had a heart attack on December 26, 2020. That was a rough one, she was such a sweet girl. They all are, truly. Tito, also became ill with something – we really don’t know what. He had been struggling for nearly a year, struggling to eat and keep weight on. Then for the last two weeks of his life, he quit eating altogether, only drinking water. All kinds of diagnostic testing had been done with nothing definitive being diagnosed. He had lost so much weight, dwindling to a mere 50 pounds. It was time. He said it in his eyes . . . May 18, 2023. Godspeed Tito McBones! We will always miss you!

Currently residing in our home are Lady Sansa (8 years old), Scout (6 years old), Maisie Gray (7 years old), and Norma Jean (15 months old).  I adore them all as each have their own very different personalities and quirks. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Skipping back a few years, I volunteered heavily with another adoption group for many years. In January of 2009 I decided to leave that group for numerous reasons (too many to mention here) and help start another Greyhound adoption group, Second Chance Greyhounds.  The Atlanta area is large so could readily accommodate a third group, which it has done quite nicely I might add.

I am now Chair of Second Chance Greyhounds and have been since June or so of 2009.  It’s much like having another full-time job but I love it so very much and wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.  We have a great time promoting our Greyhounds (who are trained in a prison in South Georgia) and working to improve the program.  It’s a daily thing as I am Chair, webmaster, blogger, meet and greet person, records keeper, photographer, oh dear, there are so many hats that I wear.  All for a good cause though, all for a good cause.  I love it!

Remember, it’s all about the dogs!!


Sugar, Lucy and Remi
Lady Sansa
Norma Jean
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