The Accidental Tourists

The Accidental Tourists

A few weekends ago, my husband and I ventured down to Panama City Beach for a short weekend. I had rented an Eco-Tent at St. Andrews State Park. Yes, camping in August in Florida but I was assured the tent had air conditioning and it most assuredly did! We almost froze every night and weren’t around much during the day so it worked out well despite the high tempertures.

This was our first experience glamping and I have to say we had the best time. We brought along our portable Blackstone for cooking. And I had procured lots of camping type equipment that was also utilized. It’s our goal to get a large tent and do some camping in North Georgia during the fall/winter months. And one day, perhaps get a small camper to pull behind the Jeep.

The nicest part of the weekend was actually simply being a tourist. We visited the Gulf, hunted for seashells, took photos, people watched, and just relaxed. We hung out at the tent, cooked fabulous meals, and just enjoyed each others company.

On Saturday, we took the sightseeing boat from St. Andrews State Park over to Shell Island, hanging there for a few hours just enjoying the beautiful scenery and water. At $30 per person, you can’t beat it. They do all the “heavy lifting” while you enjoy the ride, sipping on a cold drink, taking photos, and people watching. We did alot of that during the weekend!!

At the campsite our regular breakfast and dinner guests – Dorothy the deer and her friend Benjamin (a little button buck) came by to seek morsels from us. I imagine they are fed quite nicely by all the campers and the park itself. None looked to be starving! I did see them foraging for grass and berries so they aren’t completely dependent on humans for their survival. They are very friendly. One night Dorothy walked up to our picnic table snatching a banana pepper off a plate. She enhaled it as if it might be her last meal. I hope it wasn’t too hot for her!

I really wanted to see a sea turtle nest hatching or at least an excavation of one but there was no time for that, unfortunately. We did see several nests still marked so they continue to hatch and make their way to the Gulf. We’re all hoping for their survival!

You want to know something funny? I packed makeup and my hair dryer!! Of course I used neither during our time there. What the heck was I thinking? That was the nicest part of it all, though, not having to “get ready” with hair and makeup to go anywhere. Just some toner with 50 spf in it (yes, not near enough) and a little fluff of my hair and I was good to go! The three bathhouses at our disposal in the camping area were very nice, well maintained, and convenient. And air conditioned, of course!!!

All in all, it was a fabulous trip. Neither one of us wanted to come home! We agreed we need to, most definitely, do this again in the Spring. I should make that reservation right now!

We will come back then armed with masks, snorkels, and fins so we can snorkel along the rocks in the jetty area of the park. Until next time . . .

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