The Art of Making Sourdough Anything

The Art of Making Sourdough Anything

I love that title for this post because you read that and assume I know alot about making sourdough breads, waffles, cinammon rolls, dinner rolls, etc. Well, I don’t. I’m attempting this effort again! (read about my first attempt at making sourdough starter.)

Actually my niece who was present at the now infamous lasagna dinner many moons ago (the dinner was infamous because I made the lasagna noodles from scratch – so delicious), prompted me with my latest project (I am determined to conquer sourdough). You see, I was in the middle of putting some rolls into a basket for the table when she asked, “Are those Granny’s rolls?” Unfortunately and sadly, they were not, I told her. “Granny’s rolls” are these wonderful and tasty and light and warm and fresh (and did I say wonderful?) sourdough rolls that my mother, her Granny, would make every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since her departure from this earth in 2001, I have yet to taste a roll with similar qualities.

I had never attempted sourdough anything mostly because the thought of making a sourdough starter and keeping it alive in my refrigerator for weeks on end seemed a daunting task, one which I was unsure I could conquer.

But alas, I have accepted the challenge (again) and have begun the process to make my own starter (as opposed to cheating and buying starter that is “ready”). It is currently growing in a Mason jar on my counter where I feed it every night. The “feeding” as it is known, simply means stirring in equal parts of flour and warm water. You then lightly cover and leave it to grow until it’s next feeding, 24 hours later. We’re on Day 3 which means tomorrow we start feeding twice a day.

At the end of 7 days, it will be ready to use in recipes and it’s then that I can store it in the refrigerator to use for many weeks to come. Some bakers have starter they first began 25 or so odd years ago. Isn’t that something? Supposedly you can’t kill it and as long as you take care of it and feed it from time to time, it will continue to prosper and you will always have some on hand.

I think the first thing I’ll try will be a loaf of sourdough bread! Then I want to try sourdough pancakes and cinammon rolls with the “discard” starter that you keep for just such a purpose. Then, I’ll tackle the rolls. I’m hopeful to have some decent rolls to present at my next dinner party. Keep your fingers crossed! I will probably take some pictures of the process along the way so be watching for those in future posts.

It is obviously such a long process but I hear it is well worth the extra effort. We will see.

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