Treat the Four-Leggers

Treat the Four-Leggers

My Greyhounds, all four of them, adore these wonderful sweet potato treats. They are actually dehydrated sweet potato slices.  I’ve bought them in the past from online and local sources but they tend to be a little on the expensive side.  I even bought a dehydrator, way back when, with the intent to dehydrate my own treats for my pups.  It’s so much healthier and again, less costly. I wasn’t so successful with the sweet potato treats, the one time I did use the dehydrator. Seems I didn’t have them dried out enough and they molded a bit. Eek!

And I won’t even start to tell you about the experience dehydrating liver. That will NEVER happen again in this household. I will just buy dehydrated liver treats at the store! Lesson learned! To this day, the dehydrator sits in the storage closet!

Back to the sweet potato treats, I decided to use the ole gas oven to dehydrate them – yes, doing it the old fashioned way.  And I think they turned out quite nice.  Just slice the sweet potatoes (skin on) about a quarter of an inch thick.  Place on a greased cookie sheet and place in a preheated oven at 175 degrees or less.  The slower the temperature, the longer you bake them.  I baked this batch for about 8 hours.

And I’m happy to report, all four of mine have given them a “paws up”.  They meet their approval!  I’ll definitely make these again for my four-leggers.  After all, they deserve homemade yummy treats too!

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